Commercial Remodeling and Renovations

DRF Builders offers Boise, ID businessowners commercial remodeling and renovation services to attract new customers and increase sales.

Even the highest quality buildings and properties lose their luster after years of use and tenant turnover. Sooner or later, every space, even commercial ones, need updating to fit a change in taste or purpose. A commercial remodeling or renovation may be just what your business needs to draw in new customers; after all, appearances are a powerful influencer. 

Commercial remodeling or renovations can breathe new life into your building

Commercial remodels and renovations can transform your workspace and breathe new life into your business. For major layout changes, commercial remodeling can help transform subpar workspaces like a cluttered office space into an open concept floor or a cramped showroom into a spacious grand hall. Examples include expanding a conference room, updating bathrooms for ADA compliance or knocking out a wall for an open floor plan. The point is that you’re transforming the space’s size, layout or purpose. 

On the other hand, commercial renovations can help bring your business space into the 21st century with upgrades electrical and plumbing or new lighting fixtures and design features. Examples include swapping out old appliances, updating the plumbing or electrical, or replacing destroyed flooring. The idea is that you are not changing the space, but restoring its livability. 

We offer a broad range of construction services for commercial remodeling and renovation projects.

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Beautiful, Functional Commercial Remodeling and Renovations for Your Boise, Idaho Business 

Don’t let your place of work impede your business’s success. Whether your business needs commercial renovating to restore it to its former glory, or a more serious remodeling to suit a new business venture, you can count on DRF Builders. Our team of architects, engineers and contractors are ready to make your dreams for your business a reality. 

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